Arena Eutòpia | Vulcano buono | Nola

“Eutòpia” is a semi-permanent installation made up of 48 assembled naval containers destined for disposal, which become the fulcrum of the project, finding a new vocation. Arranged so as to integrate an “amphitheater” into the existing architecture, they create a multifunctional space, the size of Piazza Plebiscito in Naples.

The Container Arena can be used internally but also externally: if the central part is intended for shows and events, the over 1,700m2 that make up its “shell” are a dynamic museum of Urban Art where international and local artists, direct from Foll.ia and guided by a common thread, they will exhibit their works over time, superimposing them to experiment with new forms of “suspended” art.

The “Eutòpia” Arena is the heart of Vulcano Buono, a multifunctional complex located in the municipality of Nola, designed by Arch. Renzo Piano.

The structure comes to life from a set of circular solids, which merge to form a truncated cone structure with an ovoid plan, open in the center, which follows the appearance of Vesuvius, in the center of which there is a large circular square, reminiscent of the Neapolitan square del Plebiscito and is used for concerts and events.
From the outside, the complex is practically invisible as an architectural work because the roofs are covered with soil where there is a lawn and low vegetation that harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

“Holiday Inn | Nola”

Inside the Vulcano Buono service center (a 1:50 scale reproduction of Vesuvius designed by the famous Renzo Piano) it is possible to stay overnight in the Holiday Inn. A full service accommodation facility that includes 143 rooms, equipped with wifi and pay TV distributed over three levels, meeting rooms, an Open Green bar lounge area, a Med Restaurant and a Bistrot.

A barycentric location in the region, no more than half an hour away from all points of tourist interest in Campania such as Naples, Pompeii, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Sorrento Peninsula.

Holiday Inn
Nola Naples – Vulcano Buono
Loc. Bosco Fangone, snc
80035 – Nola (NA)
Tel: +39 081 364 2100


BY TRAIN: The Caserta railway station is only 25 minutes from Nola
BY PLANE: The hotel is located 25 km from the “Ugo Niutta” international airport of Naples – Capodichino

From Naples airport, take the E45/A1/Roma/Bari highway, then follow the A16/E842 and continue towards Salerno/Avellino/Benevento/Bari. Follow the A30 Nola/Caserta/Roma and exit at Nola. Follow the signs for Cis/Interporto/Vulcano Buono. The hotel is located inside the Vulcano Buono Service Center, between the Ischia and Amalfi entrances.