• To participate in the lessons of the Festival must reserve in the secretary or through the application form.
  • Click here for Application form
  • Once completed the form please wait to be contacted by the secretary to confirm the availability of seats and proceed to the payment which will be indicated according to your choices
  • Registration is valid only after the payment of the fee. Between booking and payment of the same can not spend more than 7 days.
  • If bank fees occur, the participant MUST ASSUME these costs as well. “Tango Meeting Caserta” organization will not accept any insufficient amounts, due to deducted bank commissions/fees.
  • No visitors are allowed to attend the classes.
  • No video recordings are allowed during classes, without the  permission of the organization team.


  • If you are single, the Festival office will do everything possible to help in the search for a partner that will take place with the only requirement of the level dance (declared by the individual and that the secretary has no way to verify)
  • The organization does not assume any responsibility for the successful pairing, with no refund in case of dissatisfaction.


  • Payments can be made directly in the office or by bank transfer (the account number will be communicated by the secretary, upon confirmation)

Click here for Application form

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In case of cancellation from June 1 no refund will be possible for money you have already payed. For milongas there are no refunds.