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Bari Tango Congress & Tango Meeting Caserta




Two excellent international tango festivals join forces to offer you two special and prestigious editions of the Talent tango contest.

Two dates to attend:      

– from 15 to 18 June in Caserta | Nola   

– from 01 to 05 November in Bari

A double opportunity great opportunity to showcase your talent! two excellent juries and an international audience will evaluate you and the winner will be invited as an artist in the next edition of the festival, while the prize for the second place is the qualification to the final of the festival partner contest.

Would you like to participate? 


The Contest is open! open to a maximum number of 10 professional level Dance Couples from anywhere in the world, subject to pre-selection by the organization.

Pre-selected pairs will be matched. the confirmation of participation and the modalities will be communicated by the organization. regularization of registration to access the next phase of selection by the judging panel composed of the Masters of the festival, after audition, during the course of the festival.

The instructors will assign a score to all the participating pairs and the two pairs that have scored the highest score. alto will access the direct challenge in prime time.

The sum of the votes of the public to the score assigned by the teachers will decide the final result. the winner of the competition.

The winning couple will be awarded the prize. the summoning the following year, as a couple of artists invited to the contest festival in which they participated.

The couple who finished second will win the championship. direct access to the subsequent final of the following edition of the same year, of the Tango Talent of the partner festival.


Tango Talent | International Tango Contest
will take place in 4 phases:

  1. Preselection (Organization)
  2. Selection (scoring – Masters)
  3. Final (audience vote)
  4. Awarding

Mode of participation and conduct of the Contest:


After having read the regulation, in order to register and participate in the pre-selection phase of the Tango Talent, it will be necessary to register. It is necessary to send an email to the organization of the contest venue (in which you intend to participate) or to both venues (if you intend to participate in both), communicating the names and surnames of the participants and attaching:

  • a concise curriculum*;
  • photos and 2 videos or links relating to your performance (Tango de Pista, Escenario, Show or Tango Performance);
  • file of the theme chosen for the individual performance/show;
  • After having received notification of the passing of the pre-selective evaluation, the chosen couples will have to pay the participation fee.

* In the evaluation of the curricula, participation in shows of a national/international level and/or significant artistic experiences recognized at a national/international level will be considered as preferential requirements, always in the context of Argentine Tango.


  1. The composition of the cast of selectors will be; composed by the masters of the Festival.
  2. The cast of Masters will select; by voting with scores, one’s preference on 2 couples who will access the final.
  3. The choice will have to be; take into account all the Performances, (Pista tango, Choreography/show)
  4. The choice of the teachers making up the jury is not a matter of choice. contestable. Participants accept this condition by signing the conditions. In case a choice or modality are questioned or criticised, one will have to; contact for registered with the organization, and not directly with the members of the jury or in other forms other than the form indicated.


  1. FINAL
  1. The 2 finalist couples will dance during the gala evening of the Festival in which the Contest will be entered. The election of the winning couple will take place in by direct vote of the participating public to which the vote will be sent. added the mark previously assigned by the teachers in phase 2.
  2. The voting of the final will hold the final exam. account of the total vote, given by the summation of the vote previously expressed by the jury with 70% weight and popular vote with 30% weight.
  3. All the participating couples will dance a round of greeting to the public during the closing evening.

The couple who will win the prize the title of “Best Talent 2023” there participation as invited artists in the edition of the festival the following year, or following in case the edition cannot be realised.

The couple who finished second in the final vote will win the final. direct access to the final of the contest of the same year of the “festival partner” after assignment of a new score by the judging panel of the contest to which it has the right to access



  1. Professional couples will be selected for a maximum number of 10, who have reached the age of majority on the date of the Contest.
  2. The origin of the participants does not play any role.
  3. All participants must register in advance using the method provided by the organization.
  4. Your participation will be credited. confirmed by the management of the organization by email, only if the registration fee will be paid in advance and in full.
  5. The number assigned by the organization must be worn on the leader’s back during the Contest for the round of only track tango.
  6. All participants must be at least one hour before the start of the Contest in the relative place. Couples who registered, but who will not be present at check-in, will be excluded from participating in the contest.
  7. All participants must apply for registration with the organizing association and with the reference sports promotion body of the same, subject to application form that will be sent to you. sent by email to participants.
  8. All participants must confirm that they are aware of the conditions, and have accepted them.
  9. All registered couples who will access “Phase 2 of Selection” will dance a theme (not necessarily tango escenario) and a ronda (three Tangos from different orchestras) with all the other pairs.
  10. In special cases (technical problems, accidents, etc.) the recruiters will be able to call the participants back for a rerun, in order to arrive at a definitive selection.
  11. The organization reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Contest, couples who:
    1. Do not comply with the conditions of these Regulations
    2. Behave in an ethically incorrect way, or that through their behavior damage the good name and image of the selectors and the organization of the contest itself, or which cause aversion.
  12. Video and audio recordings, photos and interviews
    1. The organization reserves all rights regarding photos and footage of all types, in all moments of the contest, through modalities common or otherwise, including video footage, television footage, recordings of any kind, photographs, digitizations, authorized directly or through third parties, with the aim of publicizing and disseminating the event. Registration for the contest includes the express and unquestionable right of the organization, received from the participants, to the use of the filmed and recorded material, without there being the possibility of of any kind of authorization withdrawal request.
    2. This clause also includes the photographic material, without any exception, which will be sent to you. published and/or used for advertising purposes.
    3. All participants accept that there will be video and photographic footage during the event, and that these can be used by the Contest, for advertising purposes for this and subsequent editions.
  13. Renunciation
    1. Participation will be able to be collected up to 1 month before the first day of the Contest. In this case it will be reimbursed fifty percent of the amount. In the event that the cancellation takes place after this limit, it will not be charged. possible to make no compensation.
    2. Final Provisions
      1. The organization reserves the right to change the contest rules.
      2. If there is a version of the regulation different from this document, the participants will be promptly informed before the regularization of the registration.
      3. The regulation will be available, and displayed, during registration and during the contest.
      4. By registering and participating, participants acknowledge and accept the regulation in question.
      5. If the next edition due to force majeure and for reasons related to organizational difficulties does not take place, the winning couple of the convocation will not have nothing to claim from the organization.
      6. In this case, the convocation will be postponed to the next edition.
      7. In the event that the winning couple ceases their artistic association, they lose the right to call the meeting acquired with the victory of the Contest.


Euro 100.00 for Participant for Edition includes:

  1. Registration fee
  2. Free nominative pass for all the evenings of the Festival


+39 338 5400470 (Edition Caserta)

+ 39 333 2762572 (Edition Bari)